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Welcome! Come in and browse around. Volumes are shelved according to ratings. The General Collection contains those stories rated G to PG-13. The Adult Collection stories are rated R or NC-17. NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age, please limit your selections to the General Collection. The Drabble Collections holds stories exactly 100 words in length and an occasional poem.

Currently, most of the material posted on this site is based on Paramount’s Star Trek: Voyager; and in particular, the relationship possibilities between her captain and the first officer. If that doesn’t float your boat, perhaps you would be happier browsing the shelves elsewhere.

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns the base on which this bookcase has been built. Materials shelved here may not be archived elsewhere without the permission of the librarian.

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My eternal gratitude to Audabee for designing and hosting BJ’s Bookcase.

All hail the great and powerful Azza!