Welcome to my lil corner in this world of black and white and chocolate.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of stories about Voyager, namely Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay. These stories rate from All Ages (G and PG13) to Oh So Naughty Grrr (R and NC17).

A lil bit bout me. I live on chocolate, just shy of becoming an addict (no, I’m not in denial), in a quiet suburb in Sydney, Australia and am full off contradictions. I love to write, but am always at a loss for words. I walk, talk and act TALL but really am just above 5ft. I love photography but tend to cut peoples heads off (in photos, not in real life. It’s a crime. Besides, no one has p*issed me off that much *yet* though BB and TPTB are very close…). I have a memory of a fish *ooh, a castle* and am easily distracted *ooh, another castle*.

I’d like to thank audabee for setting all this up (she’s a genius at all this thingymabobs) and all my fellow VAMBies, for making me feel normal about our obsession *cough* I mean love of Janeway and Chocolate.

…I meant Chakotay. Janeway and Chakotay. Janeway and chocolate-covered Chakotay.

Mmmm…chocolate-covered Chakotay…*drool*


Goddess by Belanna

Above fiddle by Belanna at http://belanna.faketrek.com . Go check out her site. Fiddle was originally created for Ky, so I’d like to send big hugs to them for graciously letting me post it on my site.