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Here you’ ll find stories based upon the love forged between Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay as they struggle to get Voyager home from the Delta Quadrant and the romance kindled between Byron Sully and Michaela Quinn as she struggles to make a life for herself as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on the untamed prairie.

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A big thank you to audabee for the site! You did a beautiful job and I’m lucky to have this wonderful home for my fic.

Thank you to my Dr. Quinn Beta, Rachel; my Voyager beta, Elem (Tante); and my transcriptionists, Tante, audabee, Gilly (AG), Gates Hepburn, Cheshire, CF and Kim J (K) (who is also reformatting my fic for me so that it fits the site :P)

Thank you also to Elorie for giving my first fic a home on her site before this.

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