Welcome to Elem’s Voyager J/C Fanfiction

This is Elem’s new look JC story index, formally known as the Purple Patch.

Image by Gilly

Image by Gilly

Welcome to my Voyager Fanfiction site. Here you will find a collection of my Janeway/Chakotay stories. All are romantic, some are light and fluffy, some are full of angst, but all have a happy ending.

No sad J/C endings in my universe.

Many of the stories are episode additions and my attempt to fill the gaps left by TPTB.

Ratings are clearly marked so if you are not old enough to read the stories, please, stay well away.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated, but if it’s flames, be gentle.

A humble and hearty thank you to audabee for constructing this site, her friendship, the many laughs via email and for putting up with someone so technically challenged.

To all my betas, Kat Lady, Mary S, Brianna, Kim J, Corinna and CF  thank you so much for all your hard work and help. To Gilly and Camryn for the wonderful pictures that grace this site and finally to the Vambies for all their kind encouragement.

My warmest thanks to you all.

Enjoy.I'm a proud VAMBie