A Little Death

Rated NC17

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.

Her body arches, blood pounds in her ears.

His hot breath burns, his musky scent surrounds.

Distinct and potent.

Each thrust punctuated by a wanton grunt.

And she feels herself lift away

But the throb and ache press her down

Shuddering, pounding need.

Release is near,

She craves it.

Heat, moisture, clawing, weight.

A heady mix.

Taste, touch, eyes closed.

It rises from deep within her

A tidal wave, unstoppable,

Shattering in its power.

Taut as a bow, muscles straining,

Teeth clenched and voice keening.

The world explodes into white.

Oh, to die and go to heaven in his arms.

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