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Shadow Boxing


Rated NC17

Summary: Written for the 2016 Vamb Secret Summer Exchange for my recipient, TrekkingThru.

This is an episode addition for ‘The Fight’. There are ramifications aplenty and much soul searching for both the Captain and Chakotay following their exploits during the crisis in Chaotic Space.

Request : I have not participated in a while, so I’m going with an old favorite. I love the episode ‘The Fight’. I would like a J/C romance based on that episode. It can take place at anytime during or immediately following the ep. I prefer light reading; some angst is okay but must be resolved and have an HEA.Rated R to NC17 is preferred.

This was a great request and I had a lot of fun dealing with the minefield of emotions explored (and unexplored) within the episode. Thank you for the excellent request, TT. 😀

Huge thanks and many hugs to CF for her eagle-eyed beta and to Audabee for her read through. xx   I have, of course, fiddled with it since then, so any mistakes are mine. 🙂

Kudos to Sira and Ria, the marvellous MOTW, for another amazing exchange. {{{Hugs}}}

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.


Chapter One

Kathryn straightened her uniform jacket and patted her hair into place. Half an hour ago, Tuvok had all but escorted her from the Bridge, and although she was exhausted and needed sleep, she couldn’t shut off the hamster wheel turning in her brain. A shower and fresh uniform was the best she could do for now.

It was time to confront the issues at hand.

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A Different Drum

Rated NC17

Summary: Written for the 2015 Vamb Secret Santa Exchange. My request from Katthryn was wonderfully simple – A JC story of the author’s choosing – and this is it. A quiet time of contemplation and resolution for our Captain and Commander, with a little help from the Bard.

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Rated PG13

Summary: Written for KJaneway115 for the Vamb 2015 Secret Summer Exchange. Her request was for  A story.  Angst & adventure.  High stakes.  High drama.  A good (meaning evil and conniving!) villain. Something that ends up J/C but doesn’t have to start that way. 

This is the second story I started for the exchange. It has an ample supply if angst, a middling amount of high stakes, some drama and is definitely J/C but it’s missing the evil and conniving villain (he’s in the first story I started, which is still in the works and will hopefully be finished soon.)

In this story, Kathryn is confronted with the harsh reality of her return to the Alpha quadrant – nothing is how she expected it to be – and Chakotay is missing.

A big thank you to Audabee for her read through and encouragement, and to CF for her commas and eagle beta eyes. But as usual, I have fiddled with it since, so any and all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount own everything. No infringement intended.

He’d gone.

Without a word to anyone, he’d disappeared, and she had no idea where to find him.

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The Other Side of Bliss

Rated R

Written for the 2014 Vamb Secret Summer story exchange. My request from Callhervictor asked for a J/C heavy story that takes place inside the minds of the crew when they are asleep (telepathically “knocked out”) by the ship-eating life form in Bliss. Bonus points for an “epilogue” to the story that shows what happens AFTER they wake up.

The story is written in alternating points of view from both Kathryn and Chakotay perspectives. Continue reading

The Odds of Survival


Written for Cheshire in the 2015 Vamb Secret Drabble Exchange.

Disclaimer : CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.

Thank you to CF and audabee for the beta.


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Silver and Sand


Summary: Written for the Vamb Secret Santa Exchange 2014. My request came from Mizvoy. “I want to see a scene where Chakotay and Janeway discuss her drastic actions at the end of Scientific Method to get rid of the aliens by flying “through” a binary star.”

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Two Days Grace

Rated NC17

Summary: Written for the Vamb 2013 Secret Santa. My recipient was eydiemunroe and her request was for ‘a J/C story set within the first 48 hours after their arrival in the Alpha Quadrant. They can be hailed as heroes, or victims of a witch hunt – whatever makes for a good story, but I want to know how things shake out. J/C get to have a happy ending, but it doesn’t come easy and they have to work for it. Rating R or above.’

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