Rated PG13

Summary: Written for KJaneway115 for the Vamb 2015 Secret Summer Exchange. Her request was for  A story.  Angst & adventure.  High stakes.  High drama.  A good (meaning evil and conniving!) villain. Something that ends up J/C but doesn’t have to start that way. 

This is the second story I started for the exchange. It has an ample supply if angst, a middling amount of high stakes, some drama and is definitely J/C but it’s missing the evil and conniving villain (he’s in the first story I started, which is still in the works and will hopefully be finished soon.)

In this story, Kathryn is confronted with the harsh reality of her return to the Alpha quadrant – nothing is how she expected it to be – and Chakotay is missing.

A big thank you to Audabee for her read through and encouragement, and to CF for her commas and eagle beta eyes. But as usual, I have fiddled with it since, so any and all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount own everything. No infringement intended.

He’d gone.

Without a word to anyone, he’d disappeared, and she had no idea where to find him.

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The Odds of Survival


Written for Cheshire in the 2015 Vamb Secret Drabble Exchange.

Disclaimer : CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.

Thank you to CF and audabee for the beta.


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Silver and Sand


Summary: Written for the Vamb Secret Santa Exchange 2014. My request came from Mizvoy. “I want to see a scene where Chakotay and Janeway discuss her drastic actions at the end of Scientific Method to get rid of the aliens by flying “through” a binary star.”

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PG 13

Written for the Vamb 2014 Secret Drabble Exchange. My recipient was lauawill and she gave me such a cracker of a first sentence that I was compelled to use it more than once. Thank you, Laura.

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Rules of Attraction

Rated PG

Written for the 2013 Secret Anniversay Drabble exchange. My recipient was Delta but it was a surprise and the perpetrators behind the sneakiness were our very own MOTW, Sira and Ria. 🙂

There is a fiddle at the end of this that might help to explain what is going on – or not. :-/ It was my first attempt at fiddling and most likely my last. My admiration has increased a thousandfold for all those imaginative people who create the amazing fiddles and artworks out there. I nearly tore all my hair out with just this one. Kudos to you all. 🙂

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.

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If Only…

Rated PG

Summary: Written for the 2013 Vamb Picture Prose contest. Thank you to Rachael Gold for the hilarious picture prompt and Gates Hepburn, Quantumsilver and Audabee for running the competition – it was a blast.

How did Kathryn’s hair finish up like that?

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