Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts

Rated G

Another for the drabble challenge. This prompt was from CaptKJaneway and it was ‘give us something with Pop Tarts.’  We don’t have them in Oz anymore but I do remember them – the chocolate ones feature in this.


Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns everything. No infringement intended.


“Kathryn, what on earth are you eating?”

“Mmmph.” Caught red-handed, she stuffed a large chocolaty pastry wedge into her mouth before mumbling, “Mob Bards.“

“Mob Bards? Don’t tell me, a Talaxian delicacy made from the wing fluff of some obscure ten-legged butterfly that only emerges from its chrysalis on nights when the moon is full, the tide is out and the plika fruit are in full bloom. Am I right?”

Staring at her uncharacteristically loquacious First Officer, her chewing slowed and her eyebrows rose steadily in surprise. She shook her head. 

He scoffed. “First it was the better-than-coffee coffee substitute, now it’s Mob Bards. You’re going to destroy your taste buds and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. But I’m the one who’ll have to put up with your complaints.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it, Commander.” Her lips twitched mischievously.

“After last night’s fricassee of farrdraht hotpot, I’m on a hunger strike.” 

“Suit yourself but you’re really missing something.” Kathryn licked her lips and turning back to the offending foodstuffs, broke off a chunk and slowly slid it past her lips. With a heavy-lidded look, she made husky ‘mmming’ noises as she munched. 

“Nice try but you can’t fool me. You got me to eat pickled horzblat stew last week using that same look. Thanks to you, I still don’t have any enamel on my teeth.” 

Kathryn broke off another large chunk and locking eyes with him, sidled closer. She held it in front of him. “Just pure wicked pleasure in a four inch square. There’s not a speck of nutritional value in it – not a glycoprotein, polypeptide or amino acid in sight. I’ll share.”

“Should I trust you?”

“Here taste.” With that, she pressed her lips to his and without further ado, Pop Tarts became a command team staple.





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