I hope everyone enjoys my stories.  I write mainly for Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis along with Star Trek Voyager.  My favorite pairings are Janeway/Chakotay, Sam/Jack, and Teyla/Sheppard.  I also write for Vala/Daniel.  I have recently began to write stories for the series Bones.  The pairing I focus on in that series is Booth/Bones, though I may indulge in looking at Angela/Hodgins.

I live in the western United States in a small town called La Grande in the state of Oregon.

My main interests are history and constitutional law.  That doesn’t mean I have no time for the world of fiction, though.  I am a devoted follower of the above mentioned shows and am always looking for new shows to gain interest in.

Thanks for visiting.


Thank you to Audabee for creating this site for my stories.  I will always be most appreciative of the time and effort that was put into this.

PS- Unless otherwise noted, all stories are for a mature audience (PG-15 or above) due to language and, or innuendo.