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Hi, and welcome to Kim J’s PADD, my creative muse’s inner sanctum-sanctorum!  The majority of fanfiction here are Janeway/Chakotay (and of the NC-17 variety), but occasionally I branch out into other pairings, sometimes of my own inspiration but mostly from VAMB or friend requests.

Everything I do varies from comedy to angst, straight romance to dark fic – but the one thing I guarantee is a happy ending.  Life is filled with too much tragedy for me to want to end any story that way.  And I respect every character I write about; I won’t put them in any situation that will make them act inhuman or inhumane.  That’s just not me.  The stories vary in length from one-shots to long epics and smutty PWPs to plot-driven series.  I have no prejudices regarding pairings (which means, yes, I’ve done slash) or genres (yes, I am writing a babyfic).  What they all have in common is a deep-seated love for the Voyager cast.  That, you can be sure of.

I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it again:  I never take for granted that even my favorite pairing of J/C works.  I write from the point of view that I must convince myself and the reader.  The longer the fic is, the longer it takes for me to believe in all of it – characters, plot and conclusion.

Before I forget to tell you – I make no profit from anything Voyager-related that I write.  This is important for two reasons: (1) In case someone affiliated with Paramount would like to sue my middle-class ass (’cause all you’d get is whatever’s in my Janeway piggy bank) and (2) In case you think I write for any other reason than my enjoyment and for my friends.  Because that’s why I do this.  It’s fun and it’s creative.  It may be weird, but I have an incredible sense of humor about it.  I’m the first person to poke fun at myself, by the way.  But the one thing I don’t find funny is flame emails – whether it’s about how much I’ve violated church and state with what I’m doing or that the fic isn’t perfect.  I’m a big proponent of freedom of speech and in the end, I’m not being paid to do this or I’d say – hey! Fire away!  Yeah, no.

The last thing I want to convey (and it’s sad that it has to be spelled out here) is that it’s wrong to steal any of my stories.  That includes copying and pasting portions of it for your own use or posting an entire story and crediting it as my work.  If I didn’t give you permission to use it, you can’t.  And I have ways of finding out if you did.  So please don’t.  I grew up in the South (didn’t necessarily agree with any of the politics, but have maintained my natural vengeance streak because of it.) and that just means a deep pocket full of litigation that you wouldn’t like.  But this shouldn’t apply to the majority of you; Voyager fans are generally the best out there!

I’d like to acknowledge my beta and plot beta, Elem and Corinna; no fic could be written without their participation.  Special thanks to audabee for both hosting me on Pathfinder and giving me this lovely space.  If there’s a banner or fiddle attached to any of my stories, you can be sure that it’s by Corinna or Gilly H (big hugs to both), unless otherwise noted.

And finally, thank you for hanging around my PADD!  Feel free to replicate the drink of your choice, pick something you think might interest you, put your feet up on my coffee table and stay a while….

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