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Carolyn Carey has stories on

The Evil That Breeds Within by Carolyn Carey
Janeway is struggling to come to terms with the traumatic events of Yesterday's Terrors. She refuses to talk to Chakotay and Starfleet think her a liability. Then a new mission reunites them. Rated: T J/C

Solitary Among The Stars by Carolyn Carey
Janeway and her crew are captured by the Kalanar Imperium, a society which exploits alien races through slavery & forced labor. When Kathryn is separated from her crew, a long struggle to get them and Voyager back begins. Rated: T - K. Janeway

Yesterday's Terrors by Carolyn Carey
In an alternate universe Janeway and the Voyager crew have been sent to the Badlands to capture Chakotay's Maquis cell, but the mission doesn't go quite as planned and the crew find themselves imprisioned in a secret Maquis hideout. Rated: T - J/C

The Magic Carpet Ride by Carolyn Carey
Q takes Janeway for a ride. Rated: T - K. Janeway