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Cormack's Main Page is in the WayBack Machine.

The stories it includes are:

Short poem I wrote during the summer of 1999.

What Could Have Been
A Year of Hell Alternate ending. July 2000

Unimatrix Zero Part 2: The Virus
This story is based on the rumors for next seasons season premere. I tried to stay as close to canon as possible.

Future Says Run
new story inspired by a song of the same name. June 2000

Prisoner Of Love
Cheesy little story I wrote in 1998. Involves a little jealousy and a rescue.

Lonely Miracle
Set after "Fair Haven" written before the episode aired. A bit sad. January, 2000

The Unexpected
This is what happens when UPN airs too many Seska episodes in a course of 2 weeks!

Contemplation Part One 

Janeway's thoughts about her life and a particular person in it. December, 1999

Contemplation Part 2
The Conclusion

Kathryn Janeway does a little thinking..

Chakotay reflects on his relationship with Janeway and how it's changed. Short and sweet. 6/17/99

Mirage... a J/C story
A story I wrote for a contest where J/C end up in my hometown. Jan. 1999

New Beginning
New Beginning Parts 1-3
New Beginnings 4-6
The crew of Voyager makes it home only to have their joy turn to grief when they find out what's happened while they've been away. March 1999

Sequels to New Beginning
(in order of how they should be read. They are numbered for your convenience.)
1 The Surprise
Chakotay and the crew have a big surprise in store for Janeway

2 Dreams
Janeway is plagued by horrible dreams. Chakotay and the Doctor try to help her learning that only she can stop them.