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There are stories other than J/C here (including slash stories) - if a story isn't labelled, you can assume it's J/C.

Stories are listed alphabetically by title.

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Voyager Stories: O

Oasis by mizvoy
Rated PG. Year of Hell vignette. A glance at Voyager’s command team during the gradual disintegrationof the ship. Yes, at last, a mizvoy turbolift story. B’Elanna Torres’ point of view.

Oasis by E.J. Andrews
Rated PG. A response to a challenge from Djinn, based on the ENT ep "Crossing the Desert" - take two characters, plop them into the middle of sand and heat, and see what happens. Who else would I write about?

Objectives by Dawn47
Rated R. Kathryn is set on a course of action that will result in some much needed changes on her ship.

Objectives: Late Night Premonitions by Dawn47
Rated PG-13. Following Objectives, Kathryn has trouble sleeping because of what she learned about the future that will never happen.

The Obligatory Turbolift Tale by Heartwings
Rated R to mild NC 17 (more for what doesn't happen than what does). How many times have poor Kathryn and Chakotay been trapped in a turbolift by fanfic writers? Hundreds? Thousands? Well, it's time to look at it from their perspective and let Chak and KJ get a little revenge!

Observations and Lessons by Sheri
Rated NC-17. J/C, 7 - Kathryn has a lesson or two to teach Seven.

October by Mary Wiecek/monkee
Rated G. A time of mourning and affirmation.

Ode to the Alleged Bathtub by Spiletta42
Rated PG. Silly, angsty poetry. Post Resolutions. Poetry/Angst • J/C • 97 words

Of A Man by SuzVoy
Rated G. C/7. Seven remembers a childhood dream. Vague spoilers for 'One Small Step'. A tip of my hat to envoy, who really needs to write more C/7.

Of Brushes, Books and Black Boxer Shorts by Ammo
Rated PG-13. Their bored, it’s late and the title says the rest.

Of Dante and Dabo Girls by Boadicea
Rated R. J/Leeta, Mark. Several years before Voyager is lost, Janeway and her fiancé visit Deep Space Nine

Of Iceni by SuzVoy
Rated PG 13. Only two members of your crew are left alive, and they're about to be killed. What would you do?

Of Love and Leprechauns by KJ
Rated PG. An eventful saint Patrick's day in Fair Haven - A little dancing, a little drinking and a little fairy magic.

The Of Series Part 1: Of Hearts and Minds by Sammi M.
Rated G/PG. Janeway continues to fight her feelings for Chakotay. Unfortunately, something happens that changes everything.

The Of Series Part 2: Of Body and Souls by Sammi M.
Rated G/PG. Janeway struggles with the fact Chakotay can't remember anything from the last four years. Where do they go from there? This is the sequel to Of Hearts and Minds. If you haven't read it, you might be a tad confused.

The Of Series Part 3: Of Spirits by Sammi M.
Rated G/PG. Chakotay's take on his new life.

Of Smiles and Fading Images by Quantumsilver
Rated PG 13. For the VAMB 2011 Secret Exchange. J/Ka, a second meeting. Would it go differently this time?

Of Traitors and Treason by Nynaeve
Rated PG 13. Out on assignment, Kathryn meets a mysterious stranger. Pre-Series. Part one of the "Love and Kathryn Janeway" series.

Off Duty by L.R. Bowen
Rated NC-17. C/T. Chakotay enjoys his sexual relationship with B'Elanna Torres, but she never seems to slow down and enjoy their interludes... until he gives her no choice but to do so. A sequel to 'On Report.'

Off the Coast of Nowhere by Sonja
Rated PG. A "Hunters" epilogue serving mainly to tie up loose ends. Kathryn and Chakotay wonder about where the lost message relay network leaves the crew -- and them

Off Time by Voyfan
Rated NC-17. Chakotay's time travels go awry.

[Offworld by Jennifer Ferris
Rated R. A quiet encounter between Janeway and Chakotay on an away mission.

Offers by Voyfan
Rated G. Kathryn gets an offer she'd rather refuse

An Officer and a Gentleman by Jinny R
Rated PG 13. Chakotay has had it. Had what? Enquiring minds want to know!

Official Response by Andra Marie Mueller
Rated G. TPTB answer my fan mail... By season.

Often Kind by August
Rated PG. J/C. "So we smile and break our way out of conversations."

Ogre by Lorre
Rated PG-13. Kathryn is captured by the Ogre King, who ends up on the wrong end of Chakotay's temper. Sequel to Goblins.

Oh, and By the Way by Megna
Rated G. Drabble. Meet the rest of the crew!

Oh Chakotay, You're So Fine by Lilith Sedai
Rated PG. Filksong. Humor/Parody.

Oh, You're Sooo Twisted by Shalee Stewart
Rated PG 13. Time for fun and games.

Ohio by Mary Wiecek/monkee
Rated PG 13. The obligatory "they get home" story. And the result of a challenge to myself to come up with a fanfic set in Ohio, where I find myself living, albeit reluctantly.

Ok, Who flashythinged the Captain? by Shorty (& Twynnie)
Rated N/A. A Voyager/Men In Black crossover. Paris' holoprogramming starts an accident which causes some rather embarrassing changes in certain crewmembers and could lead to big changes in Captain Janeway and Chakotay's relationship. Mostly Shorty's writing, but the report at the end is mine and we spent hours (and £'s) on the phone sorting out the finer details of the plot....and it still doesn't make sense!!

Old Acquaintance be Forgot by Cheshire
Rated PG. J/C. A Workforce A/U. Tom and B'Elanna find the missing command team after six weeks of searching. Will Chakotay and Janeway want to remember Voyager?

Old and Absent Friends by Ammo
Rated PG-13. Christmas story. Fifteen years into the future, Kathryn Janeway looks back at the year in which Christmas went wrong.

Old Demons, New Flames by Nynaeve
Rated R. Two years ago Seven left Earth. Now she's returned, but her wounds aren't as healed as she thought they were and she finds hope from the most unexpected person. Primarily K/7, but J/C is definitely in the background.

The Old Elm Tree by Aquiel/Kathryn Murphy
Rated PG. This is a story written in response to a challenge that I issued in JetCJr6; I would like you to write a story in which the relationship (or lack thereof) between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay is observed by a third party."

An Old Flame by Caffey
Rated PG-13. Based on one of my all-time favorite movies, "The Abyss". Set a few years in the future, after their return to the Alpha Quadrant. It's pre-"Endgame".

The Old Magic Eight Ball by Mary Wiecek/monkee
Rated PG 13. Chakotay consults an ancient terran oracle.

The Old Man's Tale by Sira
Rated PG 13. Chakotay tells the tale of the love of his life.

Old Regrets by CF
Rated G. A 2008 VAMB Secret Ficlet for Dawn47

Olive Branch by Spiletta42
Rated PG 13. After the events of Equinox, Chakotay confronts Janeway about her decisions in a melodramatic writing experiment that failed. Drama/Romance • J/C • 1,986 words

Omega by Jennica Williams
Rated PG-13. The journey is over and they're finally home. But when the Borg are their greeting party what will happen to the crew and their future? J/C

On A Beach by August
Rated NC-17. J/C. "I am going to fuck my first officer underneath a jetty on a beach." 1st Place J/C Angst story 1999 ASC Awards

On An Empty Stomach by Emily
Rated PG. Kathryn gives Chakotay a belated birthday present.

On Eagle's Wings by Mary S.
Rated PG. After Voyager's return, Kathryn and Chakotay try to bring together their separate lives.

On My Lips by SuzVoy
Rated NC-17. J/Kashyk. Drabble sequel to 'You Understand'. Chakotay's PoV.

On Report by L.R. Bowen
Rated NC-17. C/T. B'Elanna Torres is on report and confined to quarters for attacking another crewman. Chakotay goes to her rooms to lecture her, but their mutual attraction gets the better of them.

On Season Six by Cybermum
Rated N/A. Another brief rhyme

On the Bridge by Becky E.
Rated PG. Something very monumental takes place on the bridge.

On the Line by KJ
Rated PG. One surprise leads to another.

On the Ropes by Your Cruise Director & Cybermum
Rated R. A sequel to "The Fight."

On the Shore by August
Rated R. "Have me in the darkness as my ship leaves your space."

On the Wooden Floor by SuzVoy
Rated R. J, EMH, T. Nothing wrong with a holographic lover, right? Nothing wrong with a little physical release, right? Unless...

On Time by Dakota
Rated PG-13. Tom throws Chakotay a bachelor party.

Once by Your Cruise Director
Rated PG 13. The inevitable one-time "this never happened" J/C scenario.

Once and Future Captain by Your Cruise Director, Shayenne, and Michele Masterson
Rated NC-17. A collaboration begun years before its conclusion, set during Voyager's fourth season, in which Janeway loses Chakotay and gets him back.

Once Dreamt by Laitaine
Rated G. Chakotay watches Kathryn as she sleeps. A story written for the 15 Minute Ficlet word #26: Dream.

Once In A Blue Moon by Tachyon
Rated: K. Voyager encounters fascinating moon and an away team is sent down to investigate. What was assumed to be routine assignment ends up surprising the captain of the USS Voyager. Both Kathryn and Chakotay end up facing the truth, which they both have known.

Once Upon a Midnight Snack by Rebecca Anderson
Rated PG. My response to the challenge I issued to JetC 8. Janeway and Chakotay with berries and a kiss in the turbolift.

Once Upon A Time by Liz VanZandt
Rated PG. Fluff. Time for a bedtime story.

Once Upon A Time by [[Clare009]
Rated PG-13. This is not a fairy tale. Actually, it's the longest piece that I've written so far. I've tried to combine action with some interesting questions as well as the usual JC.

One Aching Moment by Lorre
Rated G. Chakotay contemplates the woman in the chair next to him.

One and All by Spiletta42
Rated PG R. Recommended: When the Voyager crew takes on a dangerous mission against the Borg, the away team experiences a new kind of closeness. Action/Drama • J/C P/T Vo/Ca • 8,970 words

One Boy, One Girl by Liz VanZandt
Rated PG-13. B'Elanna and Tom invite the Captain to dinner in an effort to play matchmaker.

One Brief Moment by Dakota
Rated PG-13. After the events of "Unimatrix Zero," Chakotay helps the Captain recover from assimilation.

One Day by Nynaeve
Rated R. She would have been a wife twice over by now. A shuttle in ice had taken that from her the first time. The Caretaker's array she blew up a year ago took it away the second time.

One Day, Maybe by Keanna
Rated PG-13. Kathryn and Chakotay take to the skies for a relaxing get away.

One Day of Hell by Sira
Rated PG 13. Chakotay has a bad day – First line was provided by littlejaneway.

One Decision by Sheri
Rated PG 13. When the Captain finds herself in an alternate universe she finds one decision can make all the difference.

One Glass of Champagne for Two Please! by Keanna
Rated PG-13. Neelix's party has a bit of a twist when it comes to the drinks.

One Is Lonely by Lorre and A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Rated PG-13. Janeway/Tuvok, Wildman/Chakotay, EMH/7, Paris/Torres, Kim/Female. This is a continuation of the Fortune Series that concerns an original Voyager character by the name of Marie Lacouix. Number three is in the works.

One Is The Loneliest Number by Delta Story
Rated PG-13; Written June 1997) Janeway's fear of intimacy is revealed, as Chakotay gently peels away the concealing layers of self-control and guilt.

One Kiss Too Many? by Sängerin
Rated PG 13. J/C. "I'm sorry, Commander, but I have to inform you that a serious…altercation…has broken out in the holodeck." (An addition to Sue Stilwell's Halloween story "Bats, Ghosts and Halloween Kisses".)

One Last Birthday Cake by Celestia
Rated G. N/Kes. A sweet story, in which Neelix finally decides to move on...two years after Kes's departure.

One Life to Live by Sambrea
Rated PG. Another New Earth Story, with a twist.

One Lost, One Gained by Mary S.
Rated PG-13. A story of triumph and tragedy. Refers to the episode 'Good Shepherd'.

One Man's Joy Is Another Man's Sorrow by ufp13
Rated G. A drabble

One Moment by SuzVoy
Rated PG 13. A dialogue only story in response to my own challenge in JetC10.

One Moment Too Late by Camilla Sandman
Rated PG 13. The final admission comes one moment too late...

One More Surprise by Dakota
Rated PG-13. Chakotay thinks Kathryn is planning a surprise party for his birthday, but there is a different kind of surprise in store for him.

One Night by Aquiel/Kathryn Murphy
Rated PG. A Drabble: A little midnight interlude.

One Night in a Cornfield by Emily
Rated NC-17. What exactly goes on in the cornfields of Indiana? Two friends find out. Entered in Simple Math´s Cream of the Crop contest.

One Night Stand by Dakota
Rated PG-13. Kathryn and Chakotay have a romantic evening on an alien planet.

One Night Stand by Ammo
Rated PG-13. Janeway + Chakotay + spiked drinks = ?

One of Many by SuzVoy
Rated PG 13. C Drabble. Well he is a bit of a tart.

One of *Those* Days by Pam NO LINK FOUND
Rated N/A. No Summary Available.

One of Those Days by Caffey
Rated PG. Someone gave the command team milk again. Either that, or they're seriously screwed in the head - in a good way.

One Small Wish by Megna
Rated G. A silly little piece about how a long-term desire is finally fulfilled.

One Sweet Day by T'Kalara
Rated PG 13. After an encounter with the Borg, Chakotay will never be able to tell Kathryn he loves her until one sweet day.

The One That I Want by Shorty
Rated N/A. The little John travolta on my shoulder told me to do it ...honest!

One Thousand Reasons by Anna B.
Rated NC-17. Are Chakotay's 1000 reasons why they should be involved better than Janeway's 1000 reasons why they should not?

One True Thing by Rocky
Rated G. for everyone who loved Kes and was dismayed by "Fury"

One Voice by Sean Clark-McCarthy
Rated N/A. 7. Poem.

One Wish by Hester
Rated PG. Q is back, and for once he is in a generous mood. To a surprised Kathryn Janeway he makes an offer she cannot refuse: He will grant one of her deepest wishes.

The One With the Dollshouse by Shorty
Rated N/A. based on a friends eppy. Janeway helps seven get in touch with her inner child...

The One You Feed by Ymwelwr
Rated PG. Written for Kim J in VAMB’s Ficlet Exchange 2008.

Only A Few Steps Away by Keanna
Rated PG-13. At an ordinary ship party, a brief dance with the Captain causes a big change in a relationship.

Only Collateral by Cheshire
Rated PG-13. Janeway must fight to survive after being kidnapped on an alien planet.

Only Human by Keanna
Rated PG. Chakotay tries to make Kathryn feel better after a bad day but when he accuses her of wearing a mask, certain revelations come about.

Only in the Delta Quadrant by Cheshire
Rated PG 13. The Captain gets in trouble when a Delta Quadrant species wants more in trade than the usual supplies. Written for the VAMB 5 year anniversary.

Only Me by Boadicea
Rated N/A. J/7. This is a spinoff of Michele Masterson's wonderful Belated. Seven's point of view.

Only Officer by Dakota
Rated PG-13. Starfleet wants Janeway to arrest the Maquis, and her response to them angers Chakotay.

Only Once by Sira
Rated NC-17. Tom is depressed and Janeway tries to help with unforeseen consequences. J/P, Post Endgame

The Only One by Your Cruise Director
Rated R. B'Elanna's take on Janeway and Chakotay's relationship and how she feels about it.

The Only Thing I Couldn't Give You by Mindy Yount
Rated PG. JetC16: A "Fair Haven" Episode Addition, that goes further. Chakotay didn't exactly tell her the truth.

Oops! by Your Cruise Director & Cybermum
Rated R. A comic sequel to "Bronze Statues."

Oops by Ammo
Rated PG-13. Cadet Steven Ramsey is about to make a mistake that could haunt him forever.

Oops! What Did I Hear? by Patricia
Rated PG. Short story. While on a planet the commanding officers are overheard via commlink... and one of them is moaning!

Open to Interpretation by KJ
Rated PG-13. First contacts, cutural differences and slight malfunctions --not every shore leave is perfect.

Open Water by Boadicea
Rated NC-17. J, Owen Paris. Twenty years ago Owen Paris and Kathryn Janeway were prisoners of the Cardassians.

Order and Chaos by Kira 47
Rated PG-13. A/U end to Unimatrix Zero. When Voyager is unable to rescue her, Captain Janeway faces her worst nightmare.

Orders for Home by Dakota
Rated PG-13. Starfleet orders Captain Janeway to take the Maquis prisoner if they return to the Alpha Quadrant, but she looks for a way out of the situation.

Ordinary Day by Sue Love (VoyWriter)
Rated PG. J/C A look at Kathryn and Chakotay on and off duty during the course of an ordinary day. This is my view of how TPTB could integrate a relationship into the show.

Oriana by Shonetta
Rated PG. A fateful night on the Starship Oriana changes Janeway's life forever (Pre/Post Voyager).

O'Siyo by Delta Story
Rated R. Examines when J/C really should have begun on the series

The Other Side of the Wall by Melissa B.
Rated PG. Janeway realizes what she has lost when it is too late.

Ouroboros by Ymwelwr
Rated PG. A Future’s End addition.

Out of Darkness by Sheri and Dakota
Rated PG-13. Kathryn is in the darkness and experiencing only pain, but she can't remember what happened.

Out of Ten by SuzVoy
Rated PG 13. A rating.

Out of Time (Repeat Refrain) by Your Cruise Director
Rated PG 13. A post-"Coda" story, to bridge this episode with the rest of the season and the rest of the series.

Out of the Ashes by LadyChakotay
Rated PG-13. My response to the events of September 11th. Janeway finds herself with a difficult decision to make.

Out of the Ashes by Andra Marie Mueller
Rated PG. After the destruction of the Krenim timeship, Kathryn and Chakotay have personal and professional decisions to make.

Out of the Darkness by Anne TM
Rated R. How would Chakotay really react when he finds out that Seska was a Cardassian?

Out of the Ordinary by Jadie47
Rated PG-13. Years of voyaging through the Delta Quadrant can be ordinary and tedious. It only takes a small visitor to change all that.

Out of the Shadows by Sheri
Rated NC-17. J/C Kathryn always hides from the truth, now she'll know what its like to be in the shadows.

The Out of Towners by Jinny R
Rated R. Kathryn and Chakotay experience a Shore Leave to surrender.

Out On a Limb by Dawn47
Rated PG 13. On the first day of Christmas...

Outside Looking In by Sängerin
Rated G. J/?. All she could do was stare out at the stars, averting her eyes from the planet still below them. "There was nothing I could do,"

Over a Barrel by Shorty
Rated N/A. For some reason, certain members of the voyager crew decide to dress up as the spice girls for talent night.

Over Coffee by Liz VanZandt
Rated PG. A bit of fluff. A short conversation over coffee.

Over Lunch by 50 of 47
The Captain asks her First Officer for help in responding to a request from Starfleet Command in the Pathfinder Project's first datastream transmission to Voyager. Rated: T - J/C - Complete

Overheard by Rebecca Sycamore
Rated NC-17. Janeway overhears some idle speculation about Chakotay's sexual talents - will this inspire her to check them out for herself?

Overture by Dawn47
Rated NC-17. A collaboration with Elem. If we gave you a summary, it would give the plot away. Just hold onto your socks and read it! It's a Janeway/Chakotay fic - figure it out.

Owl Dance by Laura Williams
Rated PG 13. If a man refuses to dance with a woman, he has to pay her whatever she wants.

Oxygen by Seema
Rated N/A. A "Day of Honor" coda, Tom's POV. Second place, 2003 ASC Awards - Paris/Torres Pairing