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DrLizThirose, on the web better known as "CK" or "CKLizzy" (formerly also CKAerynSun), has been writing since around 1999 and started writing Voyager fics in November 2011. Her other fandoms include The Mentalist, Doctor Who, NCIS, Castle and CSI:NY.
DrLiz has been a fan of Star Trek Voyager ever since the late 1990's; her first episode was "Worst Case Scenario". Being situated in Germany, she first watched the whole show in her own language. After Voyager's end, she soon lost interest, and only came back to the show - and now the original English versions - in late 2011.
Her stories range in their ratings from harmless PG to very graphic NC17. All stories are primarily Janeway/Chakotay focussed; most of them are romances. DrLiz prefers happy endings. In reading and in writing.

Voyager section of own story archive on www.creativek.de
Fanfiction.net profile
My blog @ Loki-d.com Fangirly rambling, reviews, character studies and other fandom-y stuff
Livejournal profile The LJ is friends-locked; fanfics and fanart however are accessible for everyone

DrLizThirose's stories

All my stories are also downloadable as PDF. Please follow the link above to go to the Voyager section of her own site; from there you then access the PDFs.

A short information on ratings:
G = no age restrictions
PG = 6 years and older
PG-12 = 12 years and older
R = 16 years and older
NC-17 = adults only (18 years) -- adult versions are to be found on my site only, not on FFN!

Title Rating Link to story on... Summary
Borrowed Time NC-17 fanfiction.net
my own site
My entry for VAMB's Secret Santa exchange 2011. My request was a Resolutions fix that brings Kath and Chak together.
Chances Are PG fanfiction.net
my own site
Chances are you find me somewhere on your road tonight... - Romantic tale, AU, starting from Hunters
Clarification PG-14 my own site Wasn't it nice to clarify some things? -- Unposted on FFN; my site and VAMB only.
Cold Feet R fanfiction.net
my own site
Because, after all, 'cold feet' weren't as bad as their reputation.
Comfort PG fanfiction.net
my own site
Random missing scene from Resolutions.
Common Goals PG fanfiction.net
my own site
Written for Secret Drabble 2012 on VAMB. The first sentence was given by my recipient, Malezita.
The Definition Of Home PG fanfiction.net
my own site
A very short Resolutions ending fix.
Divine PG fanfiction.net
my own site
In a surreal world, some things are even truer than they would be anywhere else.
Exceptions R fanfiction.net
my own site
Post Endgame. Kathryn Janeway loved routines. Changes of plans weren't welcome. Usually.
Exceptions NC-17 my own site NC-17 version of the above (original version; the R one is cut). My site only.
Faded History NC-17 fanfiction.net
my own site
Set during Future's End. Even if the past faded, it still was never forgotten.
Forever Walk With Me PG-12 fanfiction.net
my own site
In one way or another, friends would always walk their ways together. A Voyager New Year's fic. Post Endgame.
Honor Among Thieves PG fanfiction.net
my own site
In the middle of the night, Chakotay wonders whether his captain is pursuing a new career.
Moonlight Hours PG-12 fanfiction.net
my own site
To moonlight hours, there was a magic undeniable. And irresistible.
Paradox R fanfiction.net
my own site
Why sounded Janeway's "After dessert." so meaningful when she said it to Chakotay in Timeless?
Restricted Access PG-12 my own site Turnabout is not always fair play. -- Unposted on FFN, my Site and VAMB only.
Shadows PG fanfiction.net
my own site
Missing Scene from Tuvix. The waking world and the shadows of the night were two individual parts of her life. She had never intended them to merge.
Shared Passions PG-14 fanfiction.net
my own site
Never get between Kathryn Janeway and her bath. Never.
The Touch Of A Hand PG-12 fanfiction.net
my own site
Endgame fix. Even if everything fell apart, they still have what is most important.
Water And Fire NC-17 fanfiction.net
my own site
Water and fire needed each other because they balanced each other. And sometimes, two human beings were no different to that. (!R-rated on FFN, full version on my site!)